Greetings Earthlings,

Welcome to Korazy, the website for the promotion of the Korazy Koreanimation art exhibition.

So, 'just what is this Korazy thing?' you're probably wondering, right? Well, the Korazy collection is one of only 5 large collections of original Korean animated movie posters anywhere in the world. The collection itself is based in Australia- it's the only collection held outside of South Korea while probably also being larger than the collections held by the Korean museums.

The posters in the Korazy collection tell stories on many levels but it's the bigger underlying story of the development of South Korea itself that is the most important one of all. While we might belly-laugh at the audacity of many of the older knockoffs, please do consider the context instead of casting an overly negative critical eye.    

Feel free to wander around and investigate some of the examples from the collection that are displayed here. They might just blow your mind!   



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